Orthodontic Consultation – Under 18 Years Old



Introducing our comprehensive Orthodontic Examination specially designed for individuals under 18 years old. This pediatric-focused exam provides a thorough evaluation of orthodontic health, pattern of dento-facial growth, oral hygiene, ensuring young patients receive the care and attention their growing smiles need. Dr. Dzmitry uses child-friendly techniques to assess overall oral health, proper development of teeth and jaws, oral functions making the visit informative and stress-free. We advocate for minimal necessary interventions as not all the treatments that can be done, should be done at a particular time point in child’s development. We prioritize right things done at the right time to maximize effectiveness and efficiency of interventions and ensure optimal results, minimize familes’ time and costs involved. Schedule an appointment today for a young person you care about to ensure  they are on the right track for a bright and healthy smile.


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