Missing Lateral Incisors


It is not unusual for a person to be born with missing teeth.  The most common occurrence is with upper lateral incisors.  Those are the teeth on either side of the two front teeth in the upper jaw.  It has been discovered that this is a familial trait found in generations of the same families.  But it can also be found in individuals without that genetic marker and then the cause of missing incisors is unknown.


Depending on the patient’s individual situation, there are several options to treat missing teeth.


These are artificial tooth roots that give the basis for a replacement tooth. A crown will be specifically made to match the adjoining teeth. This is the most natural, functional and enduring option.


This is a piece that will span the gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth. Crowns are placed on each of the teeth adjacent to the gap. Then the false tooth or teeth are connected to those crowns.

Removable Partial Denture

This is an appliance that has replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored, plastic base. The device rests on the natural teeth and gums and is completely removable.

Other Treatments

If left untreated, gaps will result in the surrounding teeth shifting into the empty space. When that happens, the bite can be affected, as well as causing other issues. Consultation with the orthodontist will arrive at the best treatment.