When the top front teeth point outward over the bottom teeth and toward the lip, this is called an overjet or a protrusion. It is commonly known as “buck teeth”. It is generally caused when the lower jaw is underdeveloped in relation to the upper jaw.

This condition can not only make the person self-conscious, but it can also carry functional problems and increased risk of trauma to the upper anterior teeth.


Braces are often used to repair an overjet in order to gently force the teeth into a better alignment. There are several types of braces used for this problem, including discrete and invisible options.

Fixed Braces

These have brackets attached to the teeth and connected with wires. They can be made of metal (you can have fun with all the coloured elastics on these) or clear or ceramic brackets that are less noticeable.

Removable Clear Aligners

These are clear aligner and are hardly noticeable. They are a few companies providing clear aligners, the most commercially known being Invisalign. They are worn most of the day and night hours, but can be removed for eating and teeth cleaning.