Invisalign Teens


No two teen cases are the same, which is why we thoroughly discuss with the families whether clear digital treatment solutions are the right choice for your teenager. Strict aligner and elastic wear regiment is essential for success. You will know what it takes to be successfull with clear aligners and can collectively decide if this option is right for your teenager.

The Treatment

Your teen’s smile journey begins with a scan. We will work closely with clear aligner lab technician to develop a complete digital treatment plan to plot your teen’s best smile with care from start to finish.

The Aligners

Your teen will receive clear aligners and will be required to wear the aligners for 18--22 hours per day, but can easily remove them so there are fewer interruptions to his or her lifestyle.

The Transformation

As your teen progresses through treatment, his or her smile and life will transform through a series of small, expertly designed shifts.

They keep moving. Make sure their smile keeps up.

With the right case selection and good compliance, clear aligner treatment can give both you and your teen a relatively comfortable teeth-straightening experience.